Employer of Record / umbrella company payroll services in the UK: Why not expand your business internationally? Just 1 hour by plane and 2 hours by Eurostar, the UK is attracting more and more French people. With SKALIS and EOR, success abroad is possible. Let’s take a look at the UK, a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs.
The service of an Employer of Record (EOR) allows your company to expand and hire anywhere in the world, without having to set up legal entities. With this system, you won’t have to manage any regulatory procedures, or even the HR aspect, which can be complex, especially abroad. SKALIS (EOR) acts as your official employer, ensuring compliance with English employment law. For your part, you manage the day-to-day tasks of the new member of your team, and simply take care of growing your company.

EOR in UK – how to be successful
The advantages of freelance administration (EOR) in the UK

The UK (which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) has established itself as a destination of choice for businesses, particularly in the technological and financial fields. For the French, one of England’s biggest attractions is its proximity, which means regular returns to the Hexagone. And while cultural differences do exist, they are fewer than in other distant European countries.

Developing your business in the UK gives you access to the diverse cultures of its four countries. It can also bring you closer to other leading European business markets, such as Switzerland and Germany.

There are several reasons why your company should consider expansion in the UK accompanied by SKALIS (EOR):
● It’s home to some of the best universities in the world. Oxford, Cambridge, University College London or Imperial College London… The best universities attract and produce highly qualified talent, which strengthens the labor market and local businesses.
● The UK has a unique apprenticeship program for businesses and new workers, helping to develop talent across all sectors.
● Compared with some countries, UK corporate taxation is fairly straightforward. Any company must pay UK corporation tax on profits, while companies with a local branch must pay the same corporation tax on all UK-based profits.

● Your company may be entitled to certain funding or support incentives (such as the Innovate UK program for research and development, or regional programs) depending on your location and sector of activity.

SKALIS (EOR) provides an expert HR outsourcing and EOR solution for companies taking on employees in the UK. We take care of HR, compliance and payroll issues for you, via our international EOR model.

EOR in UK – how to be successful

Employment law in the UK

Employment law in the UK is complex and highly protective of employees. Careful attention to detail and an understanding of local best practice are essential. SKALIS has solid experience and expertise of the UK market. We can help you hire the candidate of your choice, handle payroll and benefits management, and ensure your compliance with local legislation, without the burden of setting up a foreign branch or subsidiary.

● Employment contracts in the UK
In the UK, it’s a legal requirement to draw up a sound employment contract outlining the terms and conditions of assignments, payroll, benefits, complaints and disciplinary procedures, and employee dismissal. A letter of offer and an employment contract in the UK must always stipulate the salary and payroll amounts in pounds (£) and not in foreign currency.
The drafting of a UK employment contract including all the suggested conditions is, of course, part of the SKALIS EOR service.