One Click Recruiter / Employer of Record in Belgium: how to succeed? Want to expand your business abroad? Belgium is a land of opportunity, and the labor market is so favorable. With SKALIS (EOR), you can develop your business in the land of French fries without setting up a commercial entity or worrying about HR management. Here’s how to leverage the SKALIS global network to streamline your expansion process and succeed internationally.

A compact country in Western Europe, Belgium has a fascinating history, a diverse culture and an influential place in the European Union. Its high standard of living and advanced economy make it even more attractive to foreign companies wishing to set up operations here. The Employer of Record solution with SKALIS (EOR) helps your company to expand easily in Belgium. There’s no need to set up a branch, no need to employ consultants, and even less need to worry about Belgian regulations. SKALIS (EOR) has an HR service platform and expertise in legal matters.


Employment law in Belgium

Employment contracts in Belgium:

Belgian employers are legally obliged to provide all their employees with a formal employment contract. All relevant details of the agreement must be included, such as maternity leave entitlements, sick leave and salary. All references to remuneration must be expressed in the local currency, the euro. Consultants may work a maximum of 38 hours, beyond which employers must pay overtime. Normal overtime is paid at 1.5 times the normal wage, and overtime worked on Sundays or public holidays is paid at 2 times the normal wage. In Belgium, employees are also entitled to at least one 24-hour rest period per week. They can choose to work 39 or 40 hours a week in exchange for six or twelve extra days off a year. Working through SKALIS (EOR), the SKALIS team of local experts can help you draw up sound employment contracts that comply with local regulations. You can also work with consultants hired directly by SKALIS (EOR) under Belgian regulations. No need to worry about employment contracts.


Redundancy in Belgium:

For companies expanding abroad for the first time, managing redundancies and severance pay can be complicated. SKALIS (EOR) reduces the risks for foreign companies and guides them through this process.


Social benefits in Belgium:

Belgians enjoy relatively generous state benefits:

  • The healthcare system is nationalized with high standards of care, so employers don’t need to offer private health insurance.
  • Employees are entitled to 20 days’ paid vacation if they work five days a week.
  • Employees are entitled to unlimited sick leave on presentation of a valid medical certificate. They are compensated for this leave, but payments vary according to the length of absence. After more than a year’s absence, workers are entitled to state-funded disability benefits.
  • Female employees are entitled to six weeks’ maternity leave before giving birth, and a minimum of nine weeks afterwards. They are entitled to an allowance during maternity leave, but the exact amount decreases the more children they have. Men are entitled to ten days’ paternity leave, which they can take within four months of the birth of their child. The first three days are paid at 100%, and the following seven days are compensated at a reduced rate.

Employers in Belgium are also spoiled for choice. Company cars, vacation bonuses, etc. Setting up a benefits system for your employees is an important part of your business as an employer and your expansion in the country. However, this can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with Belgian labor law, languages and complex administrative procedures.

SKALIS (EOR) is the ideal solution to help you set up in the country and develop your business in the best possible way. You’ll benefit from expert advice on setting up and managing your employee benefits, so you can concentrate on the rest of your expansion.


Why choose SKALIS EOR for your expansion in Belgium?

Rapid market entry, profitable expansion, a legal and HR team at your disposal… Thanks to SKALIS (EOR), you save time and money when developing your business in Belgium. Our EOR solution can help you make real profits without the need to set up an entity in Belgium, or worry about the HR side of things. What’s more, we ensure that employment contracts are fully compliant with local labor laws and best practices.


Employer of Record in Belgium
Employer of Record in Belgium