Doing business in Poland: Our useful tips – Unlike its European neighbors, Poland has been relatively unscathed by the Covid19 crisis. The world’s thirty-fourth most populous country continues to attract investors, and for many companies, it’s a market waiting to be conquered. To help you save time and avoid pitfalls, SKALIS offers practical advice on how to maximize your chances of success in Poland.

The Polish market has its own specific features, and it’s important to identify these before you set off. In its role as EOR, SKALIS helps companies unleash their full potential by rapidly building up highly qualified international teams. Thanks to a comprehensive program, companies are up and running in just a few days to succeed abroad. Here’s a closer look at Poland, a very interesting country in which to develop your business, but one with many particularities you need to know to succeed!


Successful sectors in Poland

To give you an idea of the potentially successful sectors in Poland, you should know that manufacturing is among the most popular with investors. The main industries include mechanical engineering, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing shipbuilding, food processing, beverage and textile industries. beverage and textile industries.

When it comes to Poland’s growth sectors, look no further than finance, transport, logistics and data transfer. The large domestic market makes these sectors very promising in Poland.


Competitors in Poland

Despite a sharp rise in purchasing power, the impact of prices remains strong in Poland. With European funds and to meet local needs, there is strong competition on the market competition exists on the market, not only from large international companies, but also from innovative local competition. Poland is a resourceful country where the concept of the is difficult to imitate. A marketing budget is therefore required to
to promote your company. Also, be sure to check whether you have .pl or domains domains and/or if patents have been registered, to prevent copying.


Hierarchy in Poland

Most Polish companies are hierarchical. Initial contacts are made
with company management. The next step is to build trust by nurturing the relationship through by regular visits and discussions.
In sectors where the younger generation is well represented, hierarchical relationships are more flexible. It’s highly likely that you’ll be advised to drop the formalities. But it’s worth taking this into account at first. Improvisation, flexibility and spontaneity give a sense of freedom and independence that is highly prized in Poland. On the downside: there’s a risk that deadlines won’t be met, or that agreements will have to be amended at a later date. So stay on your guard.


Management in Poland

The success of your business also depends on mastering Polish management codes. Respect for the boss’s « stanowisko » (status) is always present. Polish employees expect him or her to clearly define the tasks to be carried out. Many failures are due to a lack of precise specifications, regular monitoring and support from managers. That’s why SKALIS shows you how to start with explicit, directive communication, with clear and precise instructions.
Also worth knowing: the French « missionary » approach to work is not applicable in Poland. Instead, a contractual approach is preferred, with a detailed job description setting out the work framework. To this must be added autonomy based on support from the manager and regular feedback to create a climate of trust. When it comes to decision-making and project management, there are also differences with France.
The former is often short, while the latter is rather fragmented, allowing everyone to concentrate on the task itself. At the same time, in the context of a commercial relationship, an exhaustive and detailed contract must be drawn up to set out the Third Parties’ tasks and obligations.


As a foreigner in Poland

Like anywhere else, foreigners who make the effort to learn at least a few words of the country are welcomed with open arms. In Poland, the official language, spoken by over 95% of the population is Polish. The country’s second most common language is is English. Russian and German are also widely spoken in the country.


Hiring in Poland with SKALIS

Poland is an attractive investment destination, not least because of its qualified and affordable personnel. However, there are a number of rules to be aware of when hiring employees in Poland. The workforce, laws governing the employment working hours and salary requirements, employment contracts… But don’t be discouraged, if you want to hire employees in Poland without the time, expense and formalities of international expansion, turn to SKALIS. As an international employment agency (EOR) with a presence in Poland in Poland, we can streamline the international hiring process so you can so you can start hiring Polish employees, and delegate all the logistical logistics issues.

SKALIS provides  » EOR  » services for clients wishing to hire employees and manage and manage payroll without having to set up a branch or subsidiary in Poland. subsidiary in Poland. Your candidate is hired through SKALIS’ Polish human resources team in accordance with local employment law, and can be integrated in a matter of days instead of the months it usually takes. The person joins your team and works for your company, just as if he/she were your employee as if they were your employees, to meet your needs in the country. Our complete solution and corporate service for international human resources outsourcing enable customers to carry out payroll management in Poland, while delegating HR management, tax and compliance issues to us. As an expert global HR outsourcing company, we manage best practice employment contracts, legal and market-standard benefits, employee expenses, as well as severance and redundancy payments where necessary.

Your new employee is more productive faster, has a better hiring experience and 100% committed to your team. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a team of dedicated employment experts to help you help you with every hire. FREELANCEDAY, a SKALIS partner, enables you to harness the talent of the brightest and best in many countries around the world including Poland, quickly and effortlessly.