Do you want to expand your business in Norway ? The « EOR » Offer in Norway by Skalis Norway: Your Expansion Partner Without Borders

When your company is considering expanding its international operations, managing the administrative, legal and tax aspects can be complex and daunting. However, thanks to Skalis Norway’s Enterprise of Record (EoR) Offer, conquering the Norwegian market becomes more accessible than ever. In this article, we’ll explore how Skalis Norway facilitates your expansion into Norway through its EoR expertise.

With its highly skilled workforce and high standard of living, Norway is seen as an ideal destination for international expansion. Provided, of course, that you have the right support. With SKALIS EOR, you can develop your business abroad quickly and easily.

Language barriers, protocols to be respected, labor laws… It’s never easy for a foreign company to set up in a new country and develop its business. This is particularly true of Norway. While its economic situation is favorable to business, the complexity of its regulations makes it difficult for companies to expand. SKALIS EOR provides employment agency services (EOR) to customers who want to hire employees and carry out payroll management without first having to set up a branch or subsidiary in Norway. SKALIS EOR’s team of experts also helps companies to draw up sound employment contracts that comply with local regulations.

Employment law in Norway

This Scandinavian country is reputed to have one of the legislations of work the most complete in the world. It’s an excellent place to work, which contributes to the high standard of living. On the other hand, it can also make it difficult for companies to guarantee compliance with the law.

● Employment contracts in Norway:
It’s always important to provide your employees with a written employment contract, including all relevant details of the job, such as salary and benefits. This contract must be drawn up in Norwegian and use the local currency, the Norwegian krone.

SKALIS EOR can help you draw up sound employment contracts that comply with local regulations.

● Working hours in Norway:
Normal working hours in Norway are 40 hours a week and 9 hours a day. The law requires that any overtime must be paid at the overtime rate, which amounts to 140% of normal pay (or more).

Overtime is limited: employees are not allowed to work more than ten hours overtime per week, 25 hours over a four-week period or 200 hours over a one-year period.

● Holidays in Norway:
Norwegian employees are entitled to four weeks and one day of paid vacation. But as a general custom, many employers offer five weeks’ vacation. This leave is generally paid for by the employer and accumulates over the first 12 weeks of each year. Remuneration is generally equivalent to 10.2% of the reference period, or 12% if the allowance is five weeks, or 12.5% if the employee is over 60.
Employers must also pay for their employees’ first 16 days of sick leave. Beyond that, the government assumes responsibility for payment (unless a different agreement has been reached in advance). Unless otherwise negotiated with the employer, daily allowances are limited to six times the basic amount of national insurance per year.

With regard to parental leave in Norway, women can take three weeks’ paid leave before giving birth, and must generally take a minimum of six weeks’ paid leave after giving birth. Men are entitled to two weeks’ unpaid leave. Parental leave benefits are paid by the government, not by employers. There is a salary ceiling above which parental benefits are not paid, but employers can choose to cover the excess for their employees. Employees can take up to 47 weeks at 100% pay, or 57 weeks (at 80% pay) until their child reaches the age of three.

● Dismissal in Norway:
Norwegian employees are generally given between three and six months’ notice before dismissal. Three months’ notice is more common. The exact duration depends on several factors, such as age, seniority in the position, etc. Employees on probation are entitled to a shorter notice period, usually around two weeks. The probationary period lasts from three to six months.

Norway has particularly strong protections for employees. It is therefore essential that proper procedures are followed, such as holding a formal meeting about the dismissal, at which employees can be represented, and that the employer has a valid reason for the dismissal.

Managing redundancies and severance pay can be complicated for companies expanding abroad for the first time. SKALIS EOR reduces the risks for foreign companies and guides them through the process.

Why expand into Norway with SKALIS EOR?

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect in Norway as an exporting company, let’s find out why SKALIS EOR is vital to your success abroad.

First of all, SKALIS EOR enables your company to expand its activities in Norway, without having to set up a legal subsidiary, and guarantees you a rapid entry into the market. In fact, SKALIS EOR enables you to find, hire and integrate professionals throughout Norway in no time at all.

Our EOR wage portage solution also supports you on the legal side: employee hiring, contract renewal and termination, benefits distribution, human resources compliance… As well as local expertise in tax, legal and financial matters.

Finally, we ensure that employment contracts are fully compliant with Norwegian labor laws and best practices.
In other words, when you partner with SKALIS EOR, all you have to worry about is your numbers, and we’ll take care of everything else!

Do you want to expand your business in Norway ?
Do you want to expand your business in Norway ?