10 IT professions that will recruit most in 2023 : Digital transformation and technological innovations are progressing worldwide. More than ever, jobs in the IT field are expanding rapidly. Find out which IT professions will recruit most in 2023.

According to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, 2023 will be the European Year of Skills. In response, the job market in the technology sector is only growing. Here are the 4 areas and 10 IT jobs that are most in demand this year, as well as an idea of what they pay.

How much will IT jobs pay in 2023?

The average daily rate of pay for IT jobs varies according to specialties and regions. In general, freelancers in Paris in France for example benefit from a premium of +15 to +30%. Those in the Rhone-Alpes region are resisting well, while in Marseille, the drop in relation to the average daily rate can reach -20%.

In its latest study on remuneration, the recruitment firm Robert Half forecasts increases in most professions in the digital sector in France in 2023. For example, an entry-level development engineer will earn €40,000 in gross annual compensation in 2023 and up to €60,000 if they have advanced expertise. Lead developers are expected to do even better, with a salary of between €55,000 and €80,000. The salaries of the system and network administration and product design professions will reach between €40,000 and €55,000 respectively, depending on the degree of expertise.

The same is true for the IT security sector, where the pay slip shows €50,000 for a cyber specialist at the beginning of his or her career. An experienced profile will be paid up to 70 000€. In the commercial disciplines, IT sales managers will also be among the 5 best valued professions with an average salary ranging from €45,000 gross per year for a junior profile to €70,000 for an experienced one.

10 IT professions that will recruit most in 2023

The 4 most sought-after areas of IT in 2023

● Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to the access to computer services or software remotely, via the Internet. The strong demand from SMEs who are undertaking their IT revolution, promises a bright future for specialists in the sector. The prospects of 5G, Artificial Intelligence and of course Cloud Computing offer a fertile field for high growth jobs. According to estimates, this sector will represent $800 billion in sales worldwide by 2025! The salaries offered to a project manager at the beginning of his or her career range from €38,000 to €45,000.

● Cybersecurity

Small or large companies, public or private… All are prey to hacking. Faced with the exponential growth of this risk, companies are, more and more, in search of cybersecurity experts. An engineer specializing in this field can expect to earn a salary of €45,000 to €60,000 after only three years of experience. The outlook for this business sector could reach a global growth of around 14% by 2029.

● Development

Experts in technological development are responsible for configuring an operating system, designing the architecture of a site or intervening on the graphic part. Highly sought after in 2023, the average remuneration of a web developer in France is around €50,000 per year. That of a devops engineer can reach 75 000€.

● Artificial Intelligence

With an increase of more than 20% in the job offer between 2021 and 2022, the Artificial Intelligence market is certainly buoyant. The most sought-after profiles are those of data science experts. Recruiters are mainly industrial, energy or robotics companies. Those working in the transport or maintenance sectors are also in high demand. The average salary is around 45 000€ per year.

10 IT professions that recruit the most 2023

The 10 most sought-after IT jobs in 2023

  • Business Analyst
    At the top of the list, business analyst is the most sought-after position in 2023. Companies need people to gather requirements and spot trends. Even without formal qualifications, organizations are recruiting candidates with experience in this field. The remuneration of a junior business analyst usually ranges between €2,000 and €5,000. Depending on the missions, responsibilities and size of the company, it can reach or even exceed €7,000 with more than ten years of seniority.
  • Project Manager
    Project managers are the second most sought-after profession in companies making their digital transition. The IT technical project manager is above all an expert in charge of proposing and implementing a technical response adapted to the IT specifications related to the activity, the environment and the users of a company. After analyzing the needs, he/she writes technical specifications, establishes a budget, a schedule, sets up a team and follows up on the implementation of the project, sometimes until it goes into production. The average salary for the IT project manager position is €48,000 per year.
  • NET Developer
    The .NET developer, as its name indicates, codes on the « .NET » technology. Accessible thanks to a baccalaureate +2 to baccalaureate +5, NET developer jobs in France are paid 40 000€ per year. In 2023, entry-level positions start with a salary around 35 000€ per year, while the most experienced workers earn close to 55 000€ per year.
  • Data Analyst
    Data analysts rely on information provided by Engineers to solve problems and help derive insights. Those with experience and qualifications are the most sought after by employers. However, in this field, the demand is much higher than the supply. Therefore, there are many training opportunities. The salary of a beginning data analyst varies between 35 000€ and 38 000€. After 4 years of experience, it can reach 45 to 55 000€.
  • Java Developer
    Following on from the above, Java is one of the main programming languages used by software engineers. Candidates who master Java will have many opportunities in 2023, both in a start-up or a multinational company. Average salaries in France in Java development vary between 30 and 40 000€ for juniors and exceed 50 000€ per year for seniors.
  • Software Engineer
    Software engineers design and create a range of systems and applications for companies. The tasks to be performed include logical and mathematical aspects but also engineering and management aspects. The average salary for software engineer jobs in France is 55 000€ per year. An experienced worker can earn over 80 000€.
  • Data Engineer
    One of the most in-demand jobs in 2023, the data engineer job involves creating devices to compile data and provide analysis to relevant people in the company. A Junior Data Engineer usually starts with a salary of at least 45 000€ per year. This salary is then expected to grow to around €60,000 per year.
  • Devops Engineer
    People in this position work with the Development and Infrastructure teams to create and deploy new solutions. The average salary for the Devops Engineer job is €45,000 per year.
  • Scrum Master
    The Scrum Master is the person in charge of the « scrum » project. His role is to ensure that the scrum rules are respected. He will also facilitate the team’s communication. In other words, the scrum master is a real coach integrated to an IT team to help them work more efficiently. Highly sought after in 2023, this position is paid around 60 000€ gross per year.
  • Change Manager
    The change manager supervises the project management methodology, mainly related to digital transformation. He/she accompanies organizations and companies in their deployments by providing them with an adapted method that integrates several phases. A change manager at the beginning of his career can expect to earn €50,000 per year and can expect to earn up to €65,000 or more as he gains experience.

IT freelance administration by an umbrella company: an ideal solution for IT experts

The missions on heavy IT projects are particularly adapted to the wage portage / umbrella company. Indeed, for IT experts, IT freelance administration by an EOR or umbrella company is a solution to launch their freelance activity in complete autonomy, while benefiting from the status of an employee. Relieved of administrative constraints, he acquires a legal and social coverage, can deduct his expenses of missions, strengthen his rights to unemployment insurance or have the possibility of cumulating salary and benefits.

The recruitment firm Hays has conducted a study on the remuneration of IT experts on a freelance basis. The results show that a consultant on a freelance basis can earn 25% to 55% more, depending on his or her expertise and degree of autonomy, than an employee of a Software Firm. In fact, according to the study, freelancers charge on average between 500 and 600€ per day. Their expertise allows them to generate an income 40% higher than the rest of the sector. These differences in remuneration could therefore be one of the reasons for the evolution of the number of freelancers in France and in other European countries.